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Adopt The Herd Riding Fund

Hooray!  Thanks to you, we met our $50k match!

All campers take part in the riding program which gives great opportunities to practice Christian Science through arena work, trail rides, horse shows, pack trips, vaulting, and two-wheeled carts with our minis and the buckboard with our Belgians.  

  • $35 will feed and care for 1 horse for a week
  • $145 will feed and care for 1 horse for a month
  • $1,750 will feed and care for 1 horse for a year

These figures do not include the cost of tack replacements, pasture care, or riding facilities upkeep.

All donors to the Adopt the Herd Riding Fund will receive a certificate from our four-legged friends with the donor's or a designated name.

$50 or more to the Riding Fund - Name on the 2017 Adopt the Herd Plaque at the covered arena with the donor's or a designated name.

"I was in the Adventure Riding Camp. I love horses and it was so great to get to be around these horses. I also love Christian Science and it is amazing to be around so many fantastic Christian Scientists. Everyone is so fun loving."


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