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  • Experience Everlasting Love!Monday, April 24th, 2017Sinlessness is being free from the belief of separation from Love and perfection. Christ (our awareness of our connection to Love) is what frees us from the belief of separation and frees us from sin. Christ Jesus is our way shower who leads the way to discovering our own sinlessness.
  • Walk the way of right thinking and acting and live!Monday, April 17th, 2017By my count, the word righteous or righteousness appears 11 times in the Lesson between the Golden Text and the end of the 4th section. Might be important to understand what those words mean. I checked the original Hebrew and Greek, as well as Bible dictionaries and regular dictionaries. I loved discovering that in its earliest form, the idea of righteousness sprang from...
  • Have your happiest Easter yet, demonstrating your inseparability from God!Monday, April 10th, 2017Although the word “atonement” as used in the New Testament, means “reconciliation,” traditional, Christian theology generally emphasizes Jesus’ suffering, and that Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross served as redemption from sin for the whole world. Those who “accept” Jesus as their savior are said to be “saved” and those who do not remain subject to sin and...


Experience Everlasting Love! - Sinlessness is being free from the belief of separation from...
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