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  • Let the light of God reveal reality!Monday, March 20th, 2017Reality — as defined by Noah Webster in 1828 — is “truth; fact; in distinction from mere appearance.” When we look at things in a dark room, they can appear vague, distorted, or like something entirely different from what they are. All of that changes when lights are turned on. This week’s lesson focuses on God being light — and how this light reveals the reality...
  • Become a Spiritual Trailblazer! Disprove Matter's False Claims!Monday, March 13th, 2017In Christian Science, matter isn’t a condition, or a state of being, but a false way of looking at reality. Matter is a termfor the belief in an objective state of a mind apart from God. Since God is the only Mind, a “mind apart from God” is impossible, and therefore its objective state—matter—is also impossible. This is a remarkably bold claim to make in view of the...
  • Substance, claim its continual good for you and all!Monday, March 6th, 2017The continual, unending flow of Silver Springs waters led me to a realization about my study and relationship with the Bible. I realized that whereas one time I might have thought of the countless stories in the Bible of God’s wonderful provision, care, and protection for His followers and prophets as events in our past, that nowadays I see that care as present and...


Let the light of God reveal reality! - Reality — as defined by Noah Webster in 1828 — is...
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