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Who rides at CedarS?

Since its founding in 1962, CedarS has been committed to offering every camper an opportunity to ride.  Our signature programs all feature riding, from pre-schoolers at Family Camp through high schoolers.    

What riding experiences does CedarS offer?

A huge variety!  Campers enjoy arena work, trail rides across our beautiful 1,000-acre campground, horse shows, pack trips, vaulting, and two-wheeled carts with our minis and the buckboard with our Belgians.  We also offer specialty camps in English, Western, Miniature Hose Cart Driving, and more. 

Why this commitment to horseback riding? 

Each Wednesday testimony meeting, campers and counselors share many horse-related healings.  Lessons learned from riding include learning to lead with principle and love, to listen and trust, to understand one's God-given dominion, to overcome fear, to pray and care for a horse, to express gratitude, and to love and respect God’s creation.

What is the size of the current herd?

Our herd includes 62 standard riding horses, 12 miniature horses and ponies, and 2 Belgians for a total of 76 four-legged friends. We actively manage our herd size to ensure that it can support a dynamic riding program, while not wasting resources. Over the past decade, the number of standard riding horses has gone from 96 to 62, representing a reduction of 35%.

How much does it cost to feed and care for a CedarS horse?

  • $40 for a week
  • $165 for a month
  • $2,000 for a year

These figures do not include the cost of tack replacements, pasture care, riding staff salaries, or riding facilities upkeep.

Donor Recognition:

$100 or more to the Adopt the Herd Riding Fund: Receive a certificate from our four-legged friends with the donor's or a designated name.


"Working with the horses and Wranglers heped my son grow so much in patience, confidence and expressing unconditional Love.  He went on the Pack Trip and was really excited to be able to canter in the Horse Show.  It is wonderful to know the kids are making Christian Science their own." -Parent
“Previously, I had been uncomfortable with horses. At camp, we were encouraged to see that the same Mind that controlled us is the same Mind in control of the horses. I could see that as I rode Chipper. . . and I really enjoyed it.” –Camper
“I really like to ride because the Wranglers teach everyone to ride horses really well, and all the horses are so well-trained. I can’t wait to come back next summer and have more fun.” –Camper
“The experience I had with the horses made me so happy. . . Three fun things I learned in CEDARS Riding Camp were how to put the tack on the horses, to always treat the horses the way you want to be treated. . . and mostly that God made all and controls all.” –Camper
"I was in the Adventure Riding Camp. I love horses and it was so great to get to be around these horses. I also love Christian Science and it is amazing to be around so many fantastic Christian Scientists. Everyone is so fun loving." -Camper


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