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Thanks for helping us meet our $25k Maintenance Musts Matching Grant on Giving Tuesday!

After several years of game-changing capital projects, this is a maintenance-focussed year!


What does it take to maintain CedarS property each year?

Annual maintenance covers our cabins, buildings, activity sites, Bible Lands Park, Aquatic Center, waterslide, lakes, ski boats, vehicles, machinery, and 850-acre grounds.  We have a full-time property manager, several local professionals who offer their services at reduced rates, and a crew of wonderful parent and grandparent volunteers.


Beyond regular upkeep, what are CedarS top maintenance needs for 2017-2018? 

Aquatic Center Maintenance ($115k): Built in 2001, our Aquatic Center has been a well-loved resource for 16 years.  At this time, our lap pool and dive well need re-plastering ($75k total, with a $50k donation gratefully in hand), our salt cell systems need replacement ($9.5k lap pool, $7.1k for dive well), the facility's fans need replacement ($3.5k), and routine pool operation and maintenance costs ($19.5k).  

Crown Lake Spillway ($50k- awaiting final bid):  We need to replace Crown Lake's 35-year-old spillway pipe and increase the emergency spillway capacity to accomodate a 100-year flood in order to protect the dam, Bible Lands Park, and Mediterranean Sea.  The project is under study by an engineering firm, and we are awaiting the final bid, but the estimate is $50k.

Cabin Maintenace ($22.8k):  New roofs for three cabins, water heater replacements, shower replacements in two cabins, re-wiring a cabin.

Convection Oven ($6.4k): Our main kitchen convection oven has been supporting the camp for many years and is no longer reliable.  And everyone knows that campers need reliable meals!

Replace Kitchen Heat Pump Unit ($7.7k): We are grateful to be able to replace part of the unit rather than the entire system! 



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