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Giving Tuesday Challenge:  If 750+ people participate in this year's Giving Tuesday, CedarS will receive an additional donation of $20,000.  Gifts to the Riding and Maintenance programs are also matched. Please consider a gift, no matter the size, to help us sustain our mission next summer and beyond!  The list below represents ~100 varied needs for summer 2020. 


Camperships: Make CedarS possible for a worthy Sunday School student.

ItemCostGoalFulfilledStill NeededDonate
Treat a child to campfire s'mores$1.0035030842
Cover a camper's meals for a day$25.001003763
Transport a kid to camp on the CedarS Express (bus from STL to camp)$45.00100793
Sponsor a day of camp$140.001001882

Adopt the Herd: Gifts will be MATCHED up to $75,000!

ItemCostGoalFulfilledStill NeededDonate
Treat a horse to dinner (4-pound bucket of grain)$1.001000425575
Protect a horse's hooves (1 horse shoe)$3.00650141509
Feed & care for a horse for a day$5.001000367633
Replace a Feed Bucket$10.0025260
Fund one hour of professional horse training$15.0022546179
Replace a worn-out saddle pad$50.0010110
Replace a worn-out cinch$60.001028
Miniature Horse Harness$100.00340
Replace a worn-out saddle$500.001073
Feed & care for a horse for a year$2000.001028

Maintenance Musts: The $25,000 match has been met!

ItemCostGoalFulfilledStill NeededDonate
Protect a worker's ears (1 set of ear plugs)$1.001001160
Keep workers' hands grease and oil free: Provide shop towels.$4.00401822
Replace a light bulb (LED when practical)$5.001005149
Keep workers' hands blister-free: provide leather work gloves.$7.0015200
Replace an A/C filter$8.0040400
Fix a pot hole (grade & gravel)$10.00502723
Put new batteries in a smoke detector (9v, AA)$12.0025322
Seal a deck (sealer only)$25.001002872
Provide hand and power tools: Tool Fund (goal of $5,000)$50.00100973
Help retire our flats: Tire Replacement Fund for tractors, trailers, trucks (goal of $3,000)$100.0030273

Aquatics: Swim lessons, paddle sports, water safety & fun

ItemCostGoalFulfilledStill NeededDonate
Pool Noodles$1.0050590
Dive toys for beginner swimmers$2.0018200
Swim Goggles$10.001037
Pool Salt (40 lb bag)$15.001001090
Water Slide Mats- need replacement!$25.00401426
Lifeguard Rescue Tubes$60.00321
Paddles for Stand-Up Paddleboards$75.00413
Red Cross Lifeguard Certification for a counselor (per person cost)$275.0030129
Stand-Up Paddleboard (9`6'', two-pack)$600.00101

Arts & Crafts

ItemCostGoalFulfilledStill NeededDonate
Friendship bracelet thread$1.0050500
Paper Mache Boxes$2.00501139
Beads (jumbo bucket)$10.00523
Tie Dye Supplies (for one class)$15.00402020
Watercolor Paper Packs (100 sheets each)$30.00202
Summer Supply of Paint$50.00110

Christian Science CARE for all Campers & Staff

ItemCostGoalFulfilledStill NeededDonate
New Care House Plates (10), Small Bowls (10), Dish Towels (4), Dish Cloths (4), and Sponge Packages (4)$5.0032824
God's Law of Adjustment Pamphlet (for check out)$6.0010130
Replenish Care Kits (for trips, vehicles, activity sites)$15.0050248
Hymn CDs from CS Publishing Society$16.00660
Anthology of Classic Articles (three sets, Vols. 1-3)$32.00927
New Care House Lamps$35.00202
New Care House Vacuums (one for CSP wing and one for CSN wing)$85.00211
Contribution toward Resident Christian Science Practitioner services$100.0050842
Contribution toward Resident Christian Science Nursing services$100.0050941


ItemCostGoalFulfilledStill NeededDonate
Dust Masks$1.00251114
Deck Scrubbers$7.0015213
Dryer sheets (240 count)$8.001028
Shower Curtains$10.001596
Sterelite Containers (for Care House storage)$16.0030030
Shop Vac Filters$20.001046
Commercial Bleach Sprayers$25.00514
Shop Vac (heavy-duty, industrial)$187.00202
Pressure Washer$700.00202
Cleaning chemicals for the summer (matched!)$2500.00101

Musical Theater Program: Peter Pan (Summer 2020)

ItemCostGoalFulfilledStill NeededDonate
Give toward costumes$5.0050500
Acrylic paint for sets (1/2-gallon)$16.00450
Play License: scripts, musical scores, production rights$750.00101


ItemCostGoalFulfilledStill NeededDonate
Post-it Notes (1 pad)$1.0036630
Pens (12-pack)$3.0015213
Dry Erase Markers (package)$5.00862
Copy Paper (box)$25.001239
Printer Ink$100.001239
Office Chairs (for New St. Louis Office!)$100.0012111
Toner for Copier$150.00826
Dry Erase Whiteboard on wheels (72''x40'')$330.00101

Ski Program: Over 200 campers got up behind a boat last summer! And nearly every camper rode the new cable ski.

ItemCostGoalFulfilledStill NeededDonate
Power the Cable Ski system for a day (electricity costs)$5.00754134
Boat Driver Safety Course for a counselor (per person cost)$42.001266
Tow Ropes$50.00642
Replacement bindings (for skis and boards)$200.00413
Bb Talkin' Headset for Real-Time Coaching (piloted and endorsed by our ski camp staff)$450.00303
Advanced slalom ski (for our most experienced ski campers)$650.00202
Annual rental fees for covered slip & lift (pays for one boat)$750.00404

Sports (land-based)

ItemCostGoalFulfilledStill NeededDonate
Archery Arrow$3.00723834
Ping Pong Balls (8-count)$4.00460
Ping Pong Paddles$5.008110
Ball replacement fund (soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis)$10.0010100
Spray Paint (field lines)$12.0016115
Target Faces (for Archery)$25.00817
Archery Instructor Clinic for a counselor (per person cost)$40.0012111
Archery Targets (48-inch)$240.00404

Wade's Wishes: Kitchen

ItemCostGoalFulfilledStill NeededDonate
Lodge Cups (12-oz amber tumblers)$1.0072930
2-Quart Measuring Cup$12.00460
Sterelite Storage Containers$12.0014160
Half Pan Wire Insert$14.00440
Floor Scrub Brush and Pole$17.00660
Full Pan Wire Insert$18.00440
Dish Rack$25.00670
Heavy Duty Fry Pan (12-in)$43.00110
5-Gallon Igloo$45.00230
Heavy Duty Fry Pan (14-in)$45.00120
10-Gallon Igloo$75.00220
20-Slot Bun Rack$125.00110

Crew Program: Volunteer Grounds and Kitchen Service for 10th-12th graders

ItemCostGoalFulfilledStill NeededDonate
Safety Goggles (UV protection, shatterproof, wrap around style)$15.001596
Weed eaters$350.00817

The Priceless Gift of Prayer

ItemCostGoalFulfilledStill NeededDonate
I commit to praying for CedarS, church, and today's youth. (Click "Donate 1")$0.0050017930


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