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The list below represents 100 needs across camp heading into 2017.   Even a small donation will show your BIG heart and come together with others' gifts to make a real difference. Thank you for supporting CedarS and the dear ones we serve!


*CedarS Top Needs of the Week*

ItemCostGoalFulfilledStill NeededDonate
~$5k (of $9.3k total) for needed Bible Lands Park (BLP) upgrades: $300 (of $2.2k total) still needed for smaller BLP shade structure to replace by 19-yr old tent “Tabernacle in the Wilderness”; and, $5.7k (of $7.5k total) for pavers on “Paul’s Trail” so BLP visitors and Cable Skiers can hourly “Walk in the Way of God's Word”.$100.00974750
$1k (or $3.1k total) still needed for new ice-maker for the Dawn Lodge drink counter. An alumni parent offered to donate the bin and 50% of the cost of a new air-cooled icemaker bringing it down from ~$8k to $3.1k. Thanks to God, to him and to you all who can help with this need .$100.00312110

Camperships: Make CedarS possible for a worthy Sunday School student.

ItemCostGoalFulfilledStill NeededDonate
CedarS Express Bus between St. Louis airport and CedarS (covers 1-way)$42.001002377
A day at CedarS (Main Camp rates)$100.001005248
Actual cost of a week of camp, which earns you a listing on our Campership Backers Wall$1250.00300118182

Adopt the Herd: Gifts will be MATCHED up to $50,000!

ItemCostGoalFulfilledStill NeededDonate
Can of grain$1.0050002634737
Single horse shoe$3.00650163487
Lead rope$5.0035450
Fence Posts (4x4) for miniature horse area$8.0020023177
Fence boards (16-ft) for miniature horse area$11.0035014336
Western bits$30.008100
One round bale of hay$35.0050034466
Western cinches$50.0018153
Men's Western boots (size 12+)$75.00532
One month's feed & care (per horse)$145.0045020430
Western saddles$650.0016016

Maintenance Musts

ItemCostGoalFulfilledStill NeededDonate
Protect a worker's ears (1 set of ear plugs)$1.0020090110
Replace a light bulb (LED when practical)$4.001001260
Experience the feel of the ocean (buy pool salt)$6.0020043157
Winterize a toilet, sink, or floor drain (antifreze)$7.001254877
Replace an A/C filter$8.00402119
Fix a pot hole (grade & gravel)$10.001004753
Put new batteries in a smoke detector (9v, AA)$12.0024380
Seal a deck (sealer only)$25.001004456
Change the oil on a camp vehicle$45.00371918
Help retire our flats (purchase a new tire)$200.00401426
Purchase a leaf vacuum and mulcher$1500.00101
Repair the Bobcat$5000.00101
Replace an air conditioning unit$8000.00101

Aquatics: Swim lessons, paddle sports, water safety & fun

ItemCostGoalFulfilledStill NeededDonate
Pool Noodles$1.0060700
Pool Diving Rings$2.0024240
Add third seat to two-seater canoes$35.00880
Stand-Up Paddleboard (child size)$125.00817
Red Cross Lifeguard Certification for a counselor (per person cost)$274.0024321
Stand-Up Paddleboard (full size)$750.00101

Arts & Crafts

ItemCostGoalFulfilledStill NeededDonate
Friendship bracelet thread$1.0048540
Watercolor Paint Set$5.0012170
Beads (jumbo bucket)$8.00220
Tie Dye Supplies (for one class)$10.00601446
Basket Weaving (multi-color reeds)$18.00817

Christian Science CARE for all Campers & Staff

ItemCostGoalFulfilledStill NeededDonate
2016 Christian Science Hymnal Supplements$17.001501750
Replenish Care Kits (for trips, vehicles, activity sites)$20.0050545
Contribution toward Resident Christian Science Practitioner services$100.00501436
Contribution toward Resident Christian Science Nursing services$100.0050545


ItemCostGoalFulfilledStill NeededDonate
Dust Masks$1.001002278
Deck Scrubbers$8.0015114
Dryer sheets (240 count)$8.5015213
Shower Curtains$10.0015312
Cabin fan$50.0015312
Cabin mattress$115.0025025
Cleaning chemicals for the summer (matched!)$2500.00101

Musical Theater Program: Wizard of Oz (Summer 2017)

ItemCostGoalFulfilledStill NeededDonate
Help sponsor a Musical Theater camper (3 weeks' tuition)$1.0022203591861
Give toward costumes$5.00503911
Acrylic paint for sets (1/2-gallon)$16.00440
Play License: scripts, musical scores, production rights$750.00101


ItemCostGoalFulfilledStill NeededDonate
Double our Wifi speed! (Cost= $2,400/year more than our current rate).$1.0024003292071
Pens (12-pack)$2.5020220
Post-it Notes (pkg)$3.001248
Sharpies (package)$4.00817
Dry Erase Markers (package)$5.00835
Copy Paper (box)$35.0012210
Printer Ink$100.0012111
Toner for Copier$150.00808
New Computer and Software for Executive Director$950.00110

Ropes Course, Zipline, and Outdoor Skills

ItemCostGoalFulfilledStill NeededDonate
Wooden Matches$1.001002080
Worms For Fishing, Composting$2.5012120
Gloves (for zipline)$3.0020812
Fishing Poles$25.00680
Climbing Wall Belay Training for a counselor (per person cost)$25.0012130
Ropes (for Cave & Climb trip)$100.00211
Ropes Course Facilitator Training for a counselor (per person cost)$240.0012111
Camping tent (8-person)$529.00101
New Tarzan bridge for Outdoor Cooking and Building Program's treehouse village$5500.00101

Ski Program: Over 200 campers got up behind a boat last summer! And nearly every camper rode the new cable ski.

ItemCostGoalFulfilledStill NeededDonate
One day's electricity for the cable ski system$5.00702050
Replacement bindings$15.0012111
Ski Rope$25.00422
Boat Driver Safety Course for a counselor (per person cost)$41.5012120
Winterize a CedarS ski boat (matched!)$200.00624
New propeller for "CJ" (Malibu with tower)$200.00101
Cable Ski Operator Training for a counselor (per person cost)$200.0012012
Rebuild transmission for "Scout" (Mastercraft)$700.00101
Annual rental fees for covered slip & lift (pays for one boat)$751.00606

Sports (land-based)

ItemCostGoalFulfilledStill NeededDonate
Tennis Racquet Grip$1.0024240
Ping Pong Paddles$3.00890
Ping Pong Balls (18-pack)$5.00230
Field Marking Paint (1 can)$7.0016016
Replacement bowstrings (for archery)$10.0012210
Soccer Balls$20.00220
Target Faces (for Archery)$25.001239
Archery Instructor Clinic for a counselor (per person cost)$37.0012012
Archery target cores$75.00202

The Priceless Gift of Prayer

ItemCostGoalFulfilledStill NeededDonate
I commit to praying for CedarS and today's youth. (Click "Donate 1")$0.001000129871


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