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CedarS Camps unique heritage and awesome campsite Information

CedarS is a not-for-profit camp, backed by a volunteer Board of Trustees, but still run by 2nd and 3rd generation members of its founding family, Warren and Gay Huff and their daughter, Holly (Huff) Bruland. The camp is ideally situated in beautiful Ozark Hill Country atop an "uplifting plateau" about 1,000 feet above the surrounding plains. The Ozarks are blessed with spring-fed streams for canoeing and fishing, caves for exploring, lakes for skiing and sailing, and wooded hilltops for hiking, rappelling, and riding.

CedarS' Purpose & Five Fundamental Concepts (from Founder Ruth E. Huff)
"The Purpose of The CedarS is to give each camper an appreciation of spiritual sense and an abundance of wholesome, joyous activity."

CedarS Five Fundamental Concepts provide a Bible-based sense of identity, comraderie, citizenship, skill development and fun.  Here's how our staff uses them to infuse every CedarS program (onsite and online) with a unique CedarS quality and style:

  1. We regard each individual at camp as a child of God, who reflects alertness, joy, peace, ability, love...
  2. We respect each individual Christian Science young person as a future active worker in the Christian Science movement.
  3. We stand firm in our desire to use Christian Science in all of our actions and to be good examples.
  4. We believe that all have certain interests and talents, and we want to do all we can to further these and at the same time to introduce new activities and interests.
  5. We expect to make camping at the CEDARS fun!

Mrs. Ruth E. Huff, Founder, 1962

An unmatched staff-to-camper ratio of 1 cabin counselor to every 2 or 3 Campers -
A Cedars Counselor who...

  • Is a well qualified and proficient instructor in his or her field of activity
  • Loves children and wholesome fun
  • Strives to use Christian Science 24 hours a day and helps campers to do so too
  • Provides enough supervision to guarantee happy times that promote strong Christian behavior

CedarS' 1,100-acres features pastures, wooded trails & covered arenas to support 70+ horses  
CedarS is a perfect place to explore many of the Ozarks wonders in a nature class or aboard one of our 70+ horses, or in a buckboard wagon pulled by the Belgians or in your own cart pulled by a minature horse or by a pony. Over twenty miles of shady riding (and running) trails crisscross our wooded hills and streams. CedarS is blessed with 8 riding arenas.  Two of these arenas are covered and one of these is a top-notch covered riding facility. The fantastic amenities listed above are all part of our ever-improving Equestrian Facilities and Programs. (see programs)

CedarS' own Panther Cave on our separate riverfront float trip campsite,
CedarS own private Panther Cave is one of Lacled County's premier caves, featuring over 1,000 feet of charted passages on three levels to explore. Experience the constant 60 degree coolness and the absolute darkness and silence of the "Pool of Prayer" room. Panther Cave is on CedarS' 85-acre riverfront property on the Osage Fork of the Gasconade River.

CedarS' Private Lakefront & "Onshore Assets" include a million-dollar Cable Ski Park!
Our six-tower Cable Ski system brings one-of-a-kind fun for watersports riders of all ages. There are only about a dozen other Cable Ski Parks anything like it in the US -- and most of them are open to the public and are expensive to ride. Straightaways of over half a mile include a fun jump plus other features planned to come soon.  having over two miles of shoreline on our own "Crown Lake" plus about a mile around the "Mediterranean" makes boating, great fishing and waterfront activities a convenient-located joy for all. The addition of 30 kayaks and 12 SUPs (Stand-Up-Paddleboards) makes Mediterranean island hopping and waterfront games of "Capture the Flag" and Kayak Waterpolo LOTS of cool fun!

Crown Lake Waterpark has one of Missouri's longest waterslides to ride!
Riding our fast, filtered "100-Meter Splash" waterside; "catching air" on our Crown Lake Rope Swing; soaring over the lake on our Zipline and enjoying other water activities are daily treats on our pleasantly warm summer afternoons. CedarS Splash Zone, Cable Watersports Park, and Grateful Heart Garden are designed to both cool your body and warm your soul.

CedarS Aquatic Center completes our cool array of onsite water activities!
You'll love our 6-lane Junior Olympic Lap Pool and plus our Diving Well with both a 1 and 3 meter board. Swim meets are hosted here and usually scores of American Red Cross Swim Cards are earned every summer at CedarS.

CedarS Sports Center completes our all-weather array of onsite sports offerings!
With its options of a full or two half Basketball courts, two Volleyball courts and a full indoor Tennis court and rebound wall, CedarS hosts Sports specific clinics and camps taught by great coaches as well as skill development sessions for younger campers.  The Sports Center is also blessed with over 200 feet of a 15-ft wide, covered porch for a host of games including Gaga. Plus, it has a bay large enough to safely store our four tournament quality water ski and wakeboarding boats when they're not at Pomme de Terre Lake. 


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