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Cancelled for 2020 CedarS Express

In every detail we strive to provide a complete and caring transportation package of services for your "precious cargo." Responsible parent staff and counselors meet campers at their arrival gate and understandingly take care of their luggage, tips, etc., and provide them with meals, entertainment and an appropriate atmosphere overnight at Principia before they go to Cedars. The three hour chartered bus ride will seem to fly by with the beautiful scenery, as Cedars' staff encourage new and old friends to sing and have fun in a plush, air-conditioned bus. Phones will be collected and secured at Principia, to be returned on the last night of camp, powered and ready for travel home.

    The chartered bus for Sessions 1-4 plus the Saturday of the middle of 4th session leaves Principia (St. Louis Campus) on Sundays at 8:00 a.m. and returns on Saturdays at 11:30 a.m.  For airline reservations, please schedule arrivals between 12 noon and 6 p.m. on Saturday and departures between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Saturday. WE CANNOT ACCOMMODATE ANY DEPARTURES BEFORE 2:00 P.M. ALL DEPARTURES ARE ON SATURDAY. Please: When making airline reservations, request e-tickets rather than paper tickets when possible. Send camper's itinerary along with the reservation form.
    Please enroll online or download and send your reservation form AT LEAST 14 DAYS PRIOR TO ARRIVAL so that confirmation and important information can be mailed to you and harmonious planning can be done for travel needs, meals and lodging.
    Additional fees per child may be charged for last minute reservations ($10), early or late arrivals and late departures ($25) with prior permission.
    Camper needs to carry separate from footlocker:
    1) modest travel cash as needed
    2) a handbag which contains pajamas, next day's clothes, and toiletries
    3) a pillow and a sleeping bag or sheets
    Please pack a separate overnight bag with the items listed above. More importantly, please join us in hourly packing your camper and his or her camp experience with the prayerful rejoicing that "The Lord shall preserve thy going out and they coming in from this time forth, and even forever more." - Psalms 121:8
  • WEAR
    Campers should wear a CEDARS shirt so they are easily recognizable in the airport.
    If your camper is arriving or departing by airport, they will be met at the gate upon arrival or assisted to the respective security checkpoint prior to departure. The CEDARS Express Team is in both terminals, and headquartered at a table by baggage claim (in each terminal) on travel day. Your child should look for adults wearing CEDARS shirts, carrying CEDARS clipboards. In the rare instance your camper can not find a CEDARS representative, call 636-795-2228, or ask an airport official to have CEDARS Camps paiged over the intercom system.

Cedars Express Fees Per Person

Going to CedarS

Airport pickup with overnight stay and bus to CedarS (includes dinner and breakfast)$112.00
Bus service to CedarS with overnight stay (includes evening dinner and breakfast)$75.00
Bus service to CedarS only$44.00

Coming From CedarS

Bus service to St. Louis Principia Campus (Sat.) with lunch and transport to plane$81.00
Bus service to St. Louis Principia Campus (Sat.) no lunch$44.00


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