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Each worker must be: at least 15 years of age and/or have finished 9th grade*; an earnest student of Christian Science, committed to its high standards; and a willing worker.

Workers pay no tuition, but need to have $25/wk. on deposit for store. ALSO, WORKERS EARN A $100 TUITION CREDIT PER WEEK WHICH CAN BE APPLIED TO A JUNIOR LEADERSHIP SESSION or another CedarS program (this summer or next), but not used as a down-payment. Use the appropriate camper application form and send it in early so a place can be held for you.

The Worker Program creates a team of workers, counselors, and Food Service and Maintenance helpers and Administrators that work together to support the camp. As a team, the workers work in the kitchen (supporting the cooks & preparing meals) and on the grounds (maintaining camp property). The program cultivates efficient, selfless teamwork and strives to support the camp as needed. All training is on the job – no prior experience needed. Workers enjoy supervised evening store (one hour most nights) and one day off per week.


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