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Financial Aid Options - All Forms of "Love's Provision!"

Our promise:  Finances will not stop a young person interested in Christian Science from attending CedarS!  We will work with you to make camp possible for your child(ren).  


Start with these Organizations: 

  • The Campership Fund supports up to 75% tuition for youth across all 50 states and Canada
  • Your Branch Church: branch churches are increasingly supporting their Sunday School students in attending camp. Click here to see a PDF on "Ideas for Branch Churches Helping Sunday School Students Attend CedarS.
  • Sunnyside Foundation for those in Texas, can support travel as well 
  • High Oaks, Inc. for those in the Mid/Atlantic US (includes NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, VA and DC)
  • Your family support network: Helping out with camp tuition and travel makes a great gift for grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.


Apply directly to CedarS:  We can help with additional funding and transportation, as needed! 

  • Complete CedarS online campership application
  • Call us from November-May 16th at (636) 394-6162 or May 17th-October at (417) 532-6699 to work out further details on a package that meets your family's needs. 


Earn tuition credits by working at camp:

  • Parents, grandparents, and other caring sponsors can come work at camp in exchange for tuition (as spaces are available). 
  • Parents from the St. Louis area can help with CedarS Express transportation service in exchange for tuition.
  • Complete our online Parent Helper and Adult Specialist Application.


Acts of Gratitude:

  • We ask that all campership recipeints mail or email a letter of gratitude to CedarS for us to share anonymously with our campership donors.
    • One letter should come from the camper and another from the guardian. 
    • The letter should address:
      • Highlights:  What the camper enjoyed most about camp;
      • Growth: How the camper grew in his/her relationship to God, application of Christian Science, and Christian character. 
      • Gratitude: Any special message you want to convey to the donors and any ways you are living your gratitude in through your actions at home, church, and school.
Those who would like to give to support CedarS Camperships can click here. "Giving a cup of cold water in Christ's name, is a Christian service." Science & Health 436:11



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