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Summer All-Inclusive Camp Programs for Students of Christian Science
Main Camp Program
2nd - 7th grades
1st through 4th sessions
Compound Idea Program
7th - 9th grades
1st through 4th sessions
Jr. Leadership
9th - 12th grades
1st through 4th sessions
Worker/ Service Program
10th - 12th grades
Memorial Weekend, Pre-Camp...
Summer Specialty Camp Programs for Students of Christian Science
College and SAT Prep Program (NEW!)
10th-College FR
3rd Session
Football Camp
8th grade and up Boys only
Riding Camp and Mini-Equine Exploration
5th through 8th grade
2nd session
Basketball Camp
5th grade & up
3rd session
Cirque de CedarS Aerial Arts Camp
5th through 9th grade
1st Session (and Session 1.1...
ARC Wild West
7th through 12 grade
3rd session
Volleyball Camp
Girls 4th grade & up
4th Session week 2 - 4.2
Riding Camp Sampler
4th through 6th grade
3rd session
Soccer Camp Program
4th grade & up
2nd Session
English Adventure Riding Camp
7th grade and up
2nd session
Junior Riding Camp
3rd - 5th grade
1st, 2nd, 4th sessions or 1.1...
Ski Camp Program
8th grade & up
3rd and 4th Sessions or 1st...
English Riding Camp
5th through 9th grades
1st, 1.1, 4th, 4.1 sessions
Musical Theater Program
5th - 10th grade
3rd and 4th session (1st...
Outdoor Cooking & Building
6th grade & up
1st Session (2 weeks or 1...
Maker Faire Camp
5th grade and up
4th session or 1 week of 4th...
Wilderness Exploration Weeks (WEW)
7th grade & up
2nd session
Adult & Family Programs for Christian Scientists & Their Families
2018 Bible Study with Madelon Maupin
October 11 to 15, 2018
Memorial Day Weekend
Families, Singles, one & all
May 25 (4pm) - May 28 (3pm)
Family Camp
Singles and couples welcome...
Aug. 5 (10 am) through Aug...
Summer Training Programs for Students of Christian Science
Worker / Service Program
10th-12 graders.
Memorial Weekend, Pre-Camp...
Counselor-In-Training [CIT]
Must have finished tenth...
Two 5-week groups: June 3 -...
Wranglers-In-Training [WIT]
Must have finished 8th grade...
1st or 1.1 sessions & 4th or...
Late Summer & Early Fall School Programs
Church & Youth Groups of Any Denomination
Membership in your group is...
Fall programs for any...
Bed And Breakfast
Year-Round Bed and Breakfast
Includes linen service and...
Available year-round


Discover that the Kingdom of Heaven is Already Within YOU! - The concluding statement from...
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