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Postponed to 2021 Bible Study with Madelon Maupin

Great For: Adults
Dates: October 21 to 25, 2021
Price: $500/person for all weather cabin housing 6 people; $550 per person for a triple/quad room; $650 per person for a double room; $750 for a single room. This includes all meals, snacks, housing, workshop. Airport shuttle is an additional fee of $40 each way.

You are invited!  We hope you will join us at the beautiful CedarS Camps for five rich days of learning and growing in your spiritual understanding of the Bible, as well as making new friendships with fellow Bible students.  

Topic:  “Genesis:  Book of Origins - Part II”

A Note from Facilitator Madelon Maupin:  In October 2019 we covered the background of Genesis and the first 25 chapters in Genesis Part 1. 

In 2021 we will continue our deep dive in "Genesis:  Book of Origins - Part 2" by taking a deep dive into the last half of Gensis, chapters 26-50.  Here the family story of Abraham's kinsmen continues, beginning with Isaac, continuing with Jacob and ending with Joseph.  These may be familiar stories but we will be looking in fresh ways at their cultural, political and geographical implications as well as how their spiritual meaning can be brought forward to today.  

For those unable to join us in 2019 for Part I, there will be a brief overview of the background of Genesis, including authorship, dating, creation stories and structure.  This will also be a helpful review for those who are returning.  And watch for the announcement of a new Double CD (or MP3) talk on "Genesis:  Book of Origins" that Madelon will be releasing in the opening months of 2020.  Check BibleRoads.com for details.  This recording will address key points covered in Genesis part 1, such as the dating scholarship that shapes how we might read the book, along with themes of the 'reversal of the impossible' as well as the divine promises woven throughout.

Participants will have a new workbook provided (as they did in Part 1) with 4-6 study questions per chapter.  In addition to preparing for class sessions by answering the questions, the workbook provides a way to collect and organize notes from research and class discussions.

We hope you will join us at the beautiful CedarS Camps in the Ozarks of Missouri where hospitality is at world-class standards!  Please register early as we sold out last year.

Facilitator Bio:  Madelon Maupin has a Masters in Theological Studies from San  Francisco Theological Seminary, has taught at Principia Summer Session, led numerous Bible study sessions at Adventure Unlimited, taken people to the Middle East and given talks on the Bible around the world.  She served as Cultural Historian for Princess Cruises for trips throughout Biblical lands.  Her company website, www.BibleRoads.com is filled with resources for both individual and group Bible study, including talks, workbooks and online streaming video courses. 

Participant Testimonials: 

"These Bible studies have really upped my game.  Everything from healing insights for me personally, really getting what Paul meant about supporting/loving my fellow church members and attendees and being a better Sunday School teacher.  I now actually enjoy reading Revelation too!  Who knew!"     -Doug Wood, MA

"I attended Madelon Maupin's Bible Workshop on Revelation at CedarS Camps.  The venue was spectacular!  CedarS' employees are all super helpful and quite enthusiastic, starting with Warren and Gay, throughout the entire staff.  Madelon's presentations are vivid, thought provoking, and draw out the Bible student in you." -Lynn Smith, CA

“When I first signed up for one of Madelon’s Adult Bible Seminars I expected to learn a little bit about the featured book, Daniel. What I didn’t anticipate was the depth and excitement of the learning, the comradery with the other participants, the total camp experience (what fun after all these years!) and did I mention the FOOD!  Since that first session several years ago, we’ve taken a deep dive into Mark, Isaiah, Psalms, Paul’s letters and Revelation, and I can’t wait for Genesis!  I wouldn’t miss it for anything!”  Cindy Zwick, CS


CedarS Housing Selections: Live onsite at CedarS in single, shared, or triple/quad rooms with private bathrooms.  Enjoy great meals and camp activities during free time.

Single room.................................$750

Double room................................$650

Triple/Quad room.........................$550

All-Weather Cabin, Bottom Bunk, Female Only (7 spaces)......$500

All housing prices include meals, snacks, meeting rooms, activities, workshop, and course materials.  Linens are included with all housing arrangements.

Cancellations are refundable, minus a $50 office fee.

Shuttle service from airport(s) to CedarS is available to and from the St. Louis and Springfield, MO airports for $40/person each way. Here are some key travel details:

*The STL shuttle will depart for CedarS from the St. Louis Airport at 2:00 p.m on Thursday, October 22nd, in time for dinner and the first meeting immediately following dinner.  

*The return shuttle to the St. Louis Airport will be on Monday, October 26th, in time for 2:00 p.m. or later flights. 

*There is no class on the morning of October 26th, and departure is at 9:00 a.m. immediately after breakfast. 

*The Springfield, MO shuttle will depart the airport at 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 22nd, and return to Springfield, MO on Monday, October 26th, in time for noon or later flights. 

*Please send us your itinerary when you book your flights.

Questions:  Housing and enrollment questions should be directed to CedarS Camps. If you have any questions about the program, please contact Madelon Maupin at madelon@madelonmaupininc.com.


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