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Jr. Leadership

Great For: 9th - 12th grades
Dates: cancelled with online only options for High School Grades
Price: $975/1-wk., $1950/2-wk. session
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The Junior Leadership Program is two or one week out of the year where teenage Christian Scientists can come together and overcome the world's stereotypes and simply be themselves. As the layers and masks fall away, their true image and likeness is expressed. From day one, we are constantly building our sense of family by learning to take ownership for our environment and preparing our own meals. The CedarS atmosphere that campers talk about is due completely to our application of Christian Science in all that we do.

We are consistently breaking limitations through water-skiing, cable water sports, climbing on the high ropes course, a breakfast trail ride on CedarS herd of amazing horses, and working through the low ropes challenge course. Junior Leadership also provides a place for pure, unadulterated fun by going to Silver Dollar City and camping out in nature. In addition, we spend time spelunking in caves and floating down the mighty Osage. There is no better place to discover your true identity than at CedarS in the Junior Leadership program.

Highlights of a J.L. session include:

  • A 2-day trip to Silver Dollar City for each 2 week session
  • Ski and overnight camping trip at Pomme de Terre Lake
  • Caving and Canoeing Trips
  • Lake of the Ozarks Trip including Big Surf Water Park
  • Group-bonding on the Low Team Course and fulfilling individual feats on the High Ropes Course
  • JL family meals and games at your own unique campsite and "Palace"
  • Breakfast Trail Ride: Go horseback riding through our 800+ Acres and miles of trails or be a part of the cookout team and ride in a "Buckboard" wagon pulled by our Belgian draft horses
  • JL's own awesome CS practitioner that participates in all the activities and rap sessions
  • Daily Bible lesson study, practitioner talks, Wednesday Testimony Meetings (JL camper readers), Sunday School, and Hymn Sings


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