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Maker Faire Camp

Great For: 5th grade and up
Dates: 4th session or 1 week of 4th session
Price: $975/week or $1750/2-week session
Enroll Online: Click here to enroll online
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Maker Faire Camp introduces campers to the Maker Movement by fostering do-it-yourself creation, engineering principles, spatial reasoning, coding concepts, and problem-solving skills bringing project ideas to life through experimentation and exploration.  Join us for a balance of indoor and outdoor time with an emphasis on fun, creativity, and problem solving as we work on making, creating, crafting, tinkering...This summer's project highlights include robotics, programming, 3-D printing and creating powered watercraft for the pool. This program will be directed by Dr. Marie Farson who has extestive experience in teaching and practicing these skills.


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