Cedar Camps


Musical Theater Camp & Stage Crew

Great For: 5th - 10th grade
Dates: 3rd & 4th sessions
Price: $3900/4-week program
Enroll Online: Click here to enroll online

Join Our Summer 2020 Production to be announced

Act, sing, and dance in 3rd & 4th session morning rehearsals while enjoyoing camp activities and trips. Second week trip is your choice of Float, Cave/Climb, Riding/Pack, or Fish/Watersports. Fun breaks balance 3rd & 4th session production rehearsals. Develop and exercise your acting and singing abilities and free-flowing expression in front of a camera and audience through coaching and individual and group practicing each morning.  Erin Lane will be working with CedarS' thirty-third Musical Theater Production. Many of our past counselors, Assistant Directors, accompanist, choreographers, costume and set designers are returning to assist Erin (our talented musical theater director) and our cast. 


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