Cedar Camps


Outdoor Cooking & Building

Great For: 7th through 10th grades
Dates: Sessions1 and 1.1 (first week of first session)
Price: $1950/2-week session or $975/1-week
Enroll Online: Click here to enroll online


At OCB you can learn how to cook yummy meals outdoors, build cool structures and learn life skills.  The OCB leaders will make sure that OCB is a fun and educational program for campers of all skill levels.  Special permission from the OCB Director must be given in order to come to session 1.2 only.

Each camper will help add to our growing OCB village treehouse, developing basic lashing, construction, and tool safety skills in the process. You will learn sustainable living skills, as well as how to cook delicious meals over fires. Every activity is taught by experienced and knowledgeable staff.  Bring the session to an epic close with a 24-hour game of stealth capture the flag, all while building your own shelters and cooking your own meals using the skills you developed during the session.

With all these constructive and fun work opportunities, there will still be plenty of time to swim in Crown Lake, fish, kayak and paddleboard in the Mediterranean, spelunk in CedarS own Panther Cave, paddle down rivers, and enjoy Cedars cable watersports and ropes course resources. The loving and nurturing atmosphere of CedarS is the perfect place to learn, grow, and have a fun and exciting camp experience.


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