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Soccer Camp

Great For: 4th through 9th grades
Dates: Sessions 1 & 1.1 (1st week of 1st session)
Price: $975/week, $1950/ 2-week session
Enroll Online: Click here to enroll online


Morning Demonstration and Technique Training Sessions: Daily practice sessions (2-3 hours) on CedarS soccer field and practice grids will be enriched by a fun mix of demonstrations, drills, general physical conditioning, ball gymnastics, and fun technique building games.  Getting in a hundred touches of the ball every morning will help your game immensely.  There is an optional soccer scrimmage at the end of the day.  You'll be amazed at how quickly you'll improve with lots of one-on-one training in your fundamentals of shooting and crossing, throw-ins and heading, passing, and trapping, marking and tackling, and juggling and dribbling.

When you're not playing soccer, enjoy camp activites such as cable ski, log rolling, waterslide, horseback riding, and more. See Main Camp program for more details.

Off-camp excursions include: A one-day outdoor adventure trip (float, fish, cave and rock climb, or pack) and overnight campout, in the second week. 

Our top-notch coaching staff is dedicated to helping you be your best! 

*Principia College Women's Coach To be announced

Your Soccer Camp counselors will be not only role-model Christian Scientists, but also experienced, advanced soccer players.


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