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Priceless Gems: Exercise Dominion as the Expression of the Only Cause

Warren Huff (with insights from Cobbey Crisler)
Posted Sunday, December 1st, 2019

Priceless Gems from C.A.M.P.! — (Christ’s Animating Mindset Practiced)
Exercise Dominion as the Expression of the Only Cause
Application ideas “mined” by Warren Huff from insights by
Cobbey Crisler, Ken Cooper and others related
to The Christian Science Bible Lesson on
“God the Only Cause”
for December 8, 2019

Gem 1—Answer identity questions as dominion man (or woman) not dominated man (or woman)! Cobbey Crisler on Psalms 8 (B9): “What is man?”
“Psalms 8, Verse 4. What is the presumption behind biblical therapy? What is its premise? We know it would be based on the question in verse 4 in part, “What is man?” That has been the most elusive answer to any question for the human race, except, perhaps, what is God? Who am I? The great unanswered question. Or does the Bible provide answers that fill that gap in thought, that vacuity? The answer given here biblically is “Thou madest him to have dominion.” (Ps. 8:6)
You need to have a premise on which to base the whole idea or concept of biblical healing or therapy. It’s based on the fact that man has dominion. Of course, that immediately recalls to us God’s pronouncement of that effect in Genesis 1 [Verse 26]. If dominion is part of the nature of man, what does that say about man’s ability to get rid of disease? We can’t have dominion and be dominated simultaneously. The logic of that premise requires us to search out more deeply what the Bible is telling us about man’s nature as it relates to God because it’s on that basis that we are having these prescriptions filled…
If it’s God’s theology, according to the Bible, it works. God’s theology in the Bible can never be confined to theory. When God spake, what happened? It was done. That’s how quickly His medicine works…
“In biblical terms, [Psalms 8:6], “Thou makest him to have dominion.” What is there about this fact that we can apply? Are the Psalms, in part, the threshold of our discovery of this throughout the entire Bible?”
“Leaves of the Tree: Prescriptions from Psalms,” by B. Cobbey Crisler**

Gem 2—Exercise dominion over what looks (to be) outside of you—even the elements! Cobbey Crisler on citation B10, Matt. 8: 18-26
the stilling of the storm, an encouraging application to today’s weather concerns.
“(Verse 26). “Jesus says, “Why are ye fearful,” immediately seeing the thought, reading the thought, “you of little faith.” He rebukes the wind and the sea; “and there was a great calm.” That tells us something about what it must mean in Genesis 1 (Verse 26) when man “was given dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the air.” Is it possible? Is Jesus telling man it is possible that he can exercise dominion over the elements? He has within him the kingdom of heaven dominion that can be exercised over what looks (to be) outside of him…]

“Book of Matthew, Auditing the Master: A Tax Collector’s Report,” by B. Cobbey Crisler**

Gem 2* (with the sparkle of a monologue by one of disciples in the boat)—
Ken Cooper wrote: “This week I am sharing a monologue by one of the disciples caught in the storm at sea, with due sound effects! [The link to see a YouTube version is https://youtu.be/Y_Z-BCwFBUw and the PDF's are attached as Downloads atop CedarS webpage.]

“Jesus knew that God was and is the only cause and creator. Knowing that he could of his “own self do nothing” was the fundamental truth of all he expressed, and the power with which he healed. Likewise, all storms that we face, however severe, can be met with these same words of authority, “Peace, be still”, and the calm and presence of The Word is felt and witnessed. In my monologue are the words “We looked at each other, hearts racing with fear of a different kind. It was as though the storm had never been.” Truth removes all error.

“The monologue finishes with Jesus saying: “…nothing shall be impossible unto you” for nothing is impossible to God, the source of our reflection, nothing is outside the embrace and care of infinite Love.

“The storm had no history, no beginning, for the beginning of everything, of us, was and is the Word.”

Gem 2** (with the double, reflected sparkle of a recent settings for this Gem of God giving dominion man over the elements):
True stories to follow here ASAP.

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