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Session 3, 20187/18/2018Morning Talk: Bailey Bischoff Being a Whole-Souled WomanPlayDownload
Session 3, 20187/17/2018Prac Talk: Rick Stewart (Waking Thoughts)PlayDownload
Session 3, 20187/16/2018Prac Talk: Rick Stewart (Harmful or Playful Joking)PlayDownload
Session 3, 20187/14/2018Prac Talk: Rick Stewart (True Identity)PlayDownload
Session 3, 20187/13/2018Prac Talk: Rick Stewart (Thoughtfulness)PlayDownload
Session 3, 20187/12/2018Prac Talk: Rick StewartPlayDownload
Session 3, 20187/11/2018Prac Talk: Rick Stewart (Giving Thanks)PlayDownload
Session 3, 20187/10/2018Prac Talk: Kemi Awosile (Seeking In Soul)PlayDownload
Session 3, 20187/9/2018Prac Talk: Rick Stewart (Live In Love!)PlayDownload
Session 2, 20187/7/2018Prac Talk: Christie Hanzlik (Tearing Up Limitations)PlayDownload
Session 2, 20187/6/2018Prac Talk: Christie Hanzlik (Love Alone is Life)PlayDownload
Session 2, 20187/4/2018Prac Talk: Christie Hanzlik (Womanhood: Comparisons Are ODOROUSPlayDownload
Session 2, 20187/3/2018Prac Talk: Christie Hanzlik (Man is NOT Like Goliath)PlayDownload
Session 2, 20186/30/2018Prac Talk: Christie Hanzlik (Father Where Thine Own Children Are, I Love To Be)PlayDownload
Session 2, 20186/29/2018Prac Talk: Christie Hanzlik (God is GOOD!)PlayDownload
Session 2, 20186/28/2018Prac Talk: Christie Hanzlik (We Are At-One With Love)PlayDownload
Session 2, 20186/27/2018Prac Talk: Christie Hanzlik (Love Never Fails)PlayDownload
Session 2, 20186/26/2018Prac Talk: Christie Hanzlik (God; Love is Limitless)PlayDownload
Session 2, 20186/25/2018Prac Talk: Christie Hanzlik (The Law of Love is Universal)PlayDownload
session 1, 20186/22/2018Prac Talk: Christie Hanzlik (Take Love Home With You) If you would like to watch the video along with this audio follow this link: https://vimeo.com/276170586PlayDownload
Session 1, 20186/21/2018Prac Talk: Christie Hanzlik (Know Your Prayer is Complete!)PlayDownload
Session 1, 20186/20/2018Prac Talk: Christie Hanzlik/ Madi Arens (Womanhood- A True Sense of Beauty)PlayDownload
Session 1, 20186/19/2018Prac Talk: Larry Patterson (Manhood)PlayDownload
Session 1, 20186/18/2018Prac Talk: Christie Hanzlik (Rejecting Serpents/ Hit the Road Jack)PlayDownload
Session 1, 20186/16/2018Prac Talk: Christie Hanzlik (The Lord Bless You and Keep You)PlayDownload
Session 1, 20186/15/2018Prac Talk: Christie Hanzlik (Jesus: The Way to See Our Connection to God)PlayDownload
Session 1, 20186/14/2018Prac Talk: Christie Hanzlik (What is Christ? : How Christ Works for Healing)PlayDownload
Session 1, 20186/13/2018Prac Talk: Christie Hanzlik (What is God?)PlayDownload
Session 1, 20186/12/2018Prac Talk: Christie Hanzlik (Degrees of Love)PlayDownload
Session 1, 20186/11/2018Prac Talk: Christie Hanzlik (Gratitude as Prayer)PlayDownload


Acknowledge God’s Day to Reveal Limitless, Everlasting Life As Ours - God redeems. But, it...
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