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Audio Met on "Reality" by Craig Ghislin, CS mp39/19/2020Audio Met written & read by Craig Ghislin, CS on the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson for September 26, 2020 on "Reality" that he titled "Wake Up from the Dream!"PlayDownload
Audio Met on "Matter" by Kathy Fitzer9/13/2020Kathy Fitzer reads an audio version of her Metaphysical Application Ideas (Met) for Sept. 14-20, 2020PlayDownload
Audio Met on "Substance" by Kerry Jenkins, CS9/6/2020Audio Met on "Substance" by Kerry Jenkins, CSPlayDownload
Audio Met on "Man" by Christie Hanzlik, CS8/30/2020Listen to "You are God's Holy Work", an audio version by Christie Hanzlik, CS of her Met, or metaphysical application ideas, on the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on "Man" for the week ending September 6, 2020PlayDownload
Audio Met “Christ Jesus" by David Price, CS 34:47 08/24/2020Audio Met “Christ Jesus" by David Price, CS "May Christ come again (& again) to bless you & all"PlayDownload
Audio Met on Mind by Craig Ghislin8/17/2020Audio Met on Mind by Craig Ghislin, CS for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on "Mind" for August 23, 2020PlayDownload
Audio Met on "Soul" by Kathy Fitzer8/8/2020Audio Met on "Soul" by Kathy Fitzer for 8-19-2020PlayDownload
HandlingMistakes_8-5-20_Prac_TalkKerry8/5/2020Handling Mistakes_Prac_Talk by Kerry JenkinsPlayDownload
Audio Met on "Spirit" by Kerry Jenkins, CS mp38/3/2020testPlayDownload
Audio Met on "Love" by Christie Hanzlik, CS7/27/2020Audio Met by Christie Hanzlik, CS on "Love" -- the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson for August 2, 2020PlayDownload
Jared Eggers on Truth Heals7/20/2020Jared Eggers on Truth HealsPlayDownload
Kathy Fitzer on Life7/13/2020Let Life live you! - Listen to Kathy read her metPlayDownload
Family Camp, 20198/9/2019Prac Talk: Kerry Jenkins (Joy back home)PlayDownload
Family Camp, 20198/8/2019Prac Talk: Christie Hanzlik (Transformative Love)PlayDownload
Family Camp, 20198/7/2019Prac Talk: Kerry Jenkins (Moved by Spirit)PlayDownload
Family Camp, 20198/6/2019Prac Talk: Christie Hanzlik (Spirit like a breeze)PlayDownload
Family Camp, 20198/5/2019Prac Talk: Kerry Jenkins (Seeing Spirit)PlayDownload
Session 4.2, 20198/3/2019Prac Talk: Kerry Jenkins (Today and everyday)PlayDownload
Session 4.2, 20198/2/2019Prac Talk: Kerry Jenkins (Devoting time to God)PlayDownload
Session 4.2, 20198/1/2019Prac Talk: Kerry Jenkins (Qualities of women)PlayDownload
Session 4.2, 20197/31/2019Prac Talk: Kerry Jenkins (Qualities of man)PlayDownload
Session 4.2, 20197/30/2019Prac Talk: Kerry Jenkins (Clad in the panoply of Love)PlayDownload
Session 4.2, 20197/29/2019Prac Talk: Kerry Jenkins (Love within us)PlayDownload
Session 4, 20197/27/2019Prac Talk: Kerry Jenkins (Truth like a rock)PlayDownload
Session 4, 20197/26/2019Prac Talk: Kerry Jenkins (Fresh views on bible stories)PlayDownload
Session 4, 20197/25/2019Prac Talk: Kerry Jenkins (All encompassing Love)PlayDownload
Session 4, 20197/24/2019Prac Talk: Kerry Jenkins (Listening)PlayDownload
Session 4, 20197/23/2019Prac Talk: Kerry Jenkins (God's voice)PlayDownload
Session 4, 20197/22/2019Prac Talk: Kerry Jenkins (Expressions of God)PlayDownload


Wake Up from the Dream to Reality! - Are you a prophet? A spiritual seer? A prophet is someone...
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