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Family Camp, 20198/9/2019Prac Talk: Kerry Jenkins (Joy back home)PlayDownload
Family Camp, 20198/8/2019Prac Talk: Christie Hanzlik (Transformative Love)PlayDownload
Family Camp, 20198/7/2019Prac Talk: Kerry Jenkins (Moved by Spirit)PlayDownload
Family Camp, 20198/6/2019Prac Talk: Christie Hanzlik (Spirit like a breeze)PlayDownload
Family Camp, 20198/5/2019Prac Talk: Kerry Jenkins (Seeing Spirit)PlayDownload
Session 4.2, 20198/3/2019Prac Talk: Kerry Jenkins (Today and everyday)PlayDownload
Session 4.2, 20198/2/2019Prac Talk: Kerry Jenkins (Devoting time to God)PlayDownload
Session 4.2, 20198/1/2019Prac Talk: Kerry Jenkins (Qualities of women)PlayDownload
Session 4.2, 20197/31/2019Prac Talk: Kerry Jenkins (Qualities of man)PlayDownload
Session 4.2, 20197/30/2019Prac Talk: Kerry Jenkins (Clad in the panoply of Love)PlayDownload
Session 4.2, 20197/29/2019Prac Talk: Kerry Jenkins (Love within us)PlayDownload
Session 4, 20197/27/2019Prac Talk: Kerry Jenkins (Truth like a rock)PlayDownload
Session 4, 20197/26/2019Prac Talk: Kerry Jenkins (Fresh views on bible stories)PlayDownload
Session 4, 20197/25/2019Prac Talk: Kerry Jenkins (All encompassing Love)PlayDownload
Session 4, 20197/24/2019Prac Talk: Kerry Jenkins (Listening)PlayDownload
Session 4, 20197/23/2019Prac Talk: Kerry Jenkins (God's voice)PlayDownload
Session 4, 20197/22/2019Prac Talk: Kerry Jenkins (Expressions of God)PlayDownload
Session 3, 20197/20/2019Prac Talk: David Price (A take home message)PlayDownload
Session 3, 20197/19/2019Prac Talk: David Price (Study the real)PlayDownload
Session 3, 20197/18/2019Prac Talk: David Price (Life eternal)PlayDownload
Session 3, 20197/17/2019Prac Talk: Bailey Bischoff (Limitless expression)PlayDownload
Session 3, 20197/16/2019Prac Talk: David Price (True manhood)PlayDownload
Session 3, 20197/15/2019Prac Talk: David Price (Present your evidence)PlayDownload
Session 3, 20197/13/2019Prac Talk: David Price (Clean as we go)PlayDownload
Session 3, 20197/12/2019Prac Talk: David Price (Mercy and Patience)PlayDownload
Session 3, 20197/11/2019Prac Talk: David Price (Prayer and the eggbeater)PlayDownload
Session 3, 20197/10/2019Prac Talk: David Price (correct view of self)PlayDownload
Session 3, 20197/9/2019Prac Talk: David Price (Neutralizing effects of Truth)PlayDownload
Session 3, 20197/8/2019Prac Talk: David Price (The beauty of experience)PlayDownload
Session 2, 20197/5/2019Prac Talk: Christie Hanzlik (Sense of Home)PlayDownload


How do you show your love for God? - Sacrament is often described as “a visible sign of an...
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