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5th Session8/4/2014Prac Talk: David PricePlayDownload
4th Session8/2/2014Prac Talk: Craig GisilinPlayDownload
4th Session8/1/2014Prac Talk: Rick StewartPlayDownload
4th Session7/31/2014Prac Talk: Rick Stewart, CS on "Understanding Love's control" & 'all of God's creatures moving in the harmony of Science..." (514)PlayDownload
4th Session7/30/2014Prac Talk: Tori Fredrickson, CS to Girls Camp on 23rd PsalmPlayDownload
4th Session7/29/2014Prac Talk: Mickey Kleinhenz, A.D, to Boys Camp on "The Man of Integrity" by Mary Baker EddyPlayDownload
4th Session7/28/2014Prac Talk: Rick StewartPlayDownload
4th Session7/26/2014Prac Talk: Rick StewartPlayDownload
4th Session7/25/2014Prac Talk: Rick StewartPlayDownload
4th Session7/24/2014Prac Talk: Rick StewartPlayDownload
4th Session7/23/2014Prac Talk: Rick StewartPlayDownload
4th Session7/22/2014Prac Talk: Rick StewartPlayDownload
4th Session7/21/2014Prac Talk: Rick StewartPlayDownload
3rd Session7/18/2014Prac Talk: Heather LibbePlayDownload
3rd Session7/17/2014Prac Talk: Heather LibbePlayDownload
3rd Session7/16/2014Prac Talk: Heather Libbe [On Seeing Your True Self]PlayDownload
3rd Session7/15/2014Prac Talk: Summer Wright [On Manhood]PlayDownload
3rd Session7/14/2014Prac Talk: Heather LibbePlayDownload
3rd Session7/12/2014Prac Talk: Peggy Watkins [On Omnipotence]PlayDownload
3rd Session7/11/2014Prac Talk: Debra WoodwardPlayDownload
3rd Session7/10/2014The Lord's Prayer in SpanishPlayDownload
3rd Session7/10/2014Prac Talk: Heather LibbePlayDownload
3rd Session7/9/2014Prac Talk: Heather Libbe & Baptism by Fire (incl. "The Refiner's Touch")PlayDownload
3rd Session7/8/2014Prac Talk: Heather LibbePlayDownload
3rd Session7/7/2014Prac Talk: Heather LibbePlayDownload
2nd Session7/4/2014Prac Talk: Debra WoodwardPlayDownload
2nd Session7/2/2014Prac Talk: Kemi AwosilePlayDownload
1st Session6/21/2014Prac Talk: Summer WrightPlayDownload
1st Session6/20/2014Prac Talk: Christie HanzlikPlayDownload
1st Session6/19/2014Prac Talk: Christie HanzlikPlayDownload


Thrive in God’s kingdom where you’ve been firmly planted! - To me, this week’s Lesson...
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