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1st Session6/11/2014Prac Talk: Christie HanzlikPlayDownload
1st Session6/10/2014Prac Talk: Christie HanzlikPlayDownload
1st Session6/9/2014Prac Talk: Christie Hanzlik-- Song: "Alive, Alert, Awake, Enthusiastic!"PlayDownload
Pre-Camp, 20146/6/2014Prac Talk: Craig GhislinPlayDownload
Pre-Camp, 20146/4/2014Prac Talk: Craig GhislinPlayDownload
Pre-Camp, 20146/3/2014Prac Talk: Craig GhislinPlayDownload
Pre-Camp, 20146/2/2014Prac Talk: Craig GhislinPlayDownload
Pre-Pre Camp, 20145/31/2014Prac Talk: Summer WrightPlayDownload
Pre-Pre Camp, 20145/30/2014Prac Talk: Cathy VincentPlayDownload
Pre-Pre Camp, 20145/29/2014Prac Talk: Summer WrightPlayDownload
Pre-Pre Camp, 20145/28/2014Prac Talk: Robin VincentPlayDownload
Pre-Pre Camp, 20145/27/2014Prac Talk: Cathy VincentPlayDownload
Memorial Weekend 20145/26/2014Practitioner Talk: Gary DukePlayDownload
Memorial Day Weekend, 20145/24/2014Practitioner Talk, Gary DukePlayDownload
Session 6, 20138/16/2013How God work this out Recap Prac Talk: Gary Duke, CSPlayDownload
Session 6, 20138/15/2013Fill Ea. Others' Buckets by Treating Ea. Other Kindly Prac Talk: Guest Youth Lecturer Christie Hanzlik, CSPlayDownload
Session 6, 20138/14/2013Save a Shark Prac Talk: Gary Duke, CSPlayDownload
Session 6, 20138/12/2013CedarS Origin & Growth Prac Talk: Gary Duke, CSPlayDownload
Session 5, 20138/10/20135th s Summary Prac Talk: Gary Duke, CSPlayDownload
Session 5, 20138/9/2013Be Our Guest Prac Talk: Gary Duke, CS + whole castPlayDownload
Session 5, 20138/8/2013Home Prac Talk: Gary Duke, CS + Belle (Marie S.)PlayDownload
Session 5, 20138/7/2013Prac Talk: Humility (1st Beatitude), Gary Duke, CS & Gaston (Evan) soloPlayDownload
Session 5, 20138/6/2013Prac Talk: Beauty & Beast (don't judge by appearances), Gary Duke, CS & Mrs. Potts (Leah) soloPlayDownload
Session 5, 20138/5/2013Prac Talk: "Put Your Whole Self in", Gary Duke, CSPlayDownload
Session 4, 20138/3/2013Prac Talk: Send-Off 4th s., Gary Duke, CS (Ski Camp Prac)PlayDownload
Session 4, 20138/2/2013Princes and Princesses Prac Talk: Rick Stewart, CSPlayDownload
Session 4, 20138/1/2013Due to technical difficulties, a Prac Talk could not be recorded for 8/01/13PlayDownload
Session 4, 20137/31/2013Prac Talk: Rick Stewart, CSPlayDownload
Session 4, 20137/30/2013Knight of Integrity Prac Talk: Rick Stewart, CSPlayDownload
Session 4, 20137/29/2013Prac Talk: Rick Stewart, CSPlayDownload


Let Life live you! - To me, this Lesson, brings out God’s gift of uninterrupted Life that we...
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