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Session 3, 20157/15/2015Prac Talk: John Biggs on WomanhoodPlayDownload
Session 3, 20157/14/2015Prac Talk: John Biggs on ManhoodPlayDownload
Session 3, 20157/13/2015Prac Talk: John BiggsPlayDownload
Session 3, 20157/11/2015Prac Talk: Peggy WatkinsPlayDownload
Session 3, 20157/10/2015Prac Talk: Peggy WatkinsPlayDownload
Session 3, 20157/9/2015Prac Talk: Peggy Watkins and Kemi AwosilePlayDownload
Session 3, 20157/8/2015Prac Talk: Peggy WatkinsPlayDownload
Session 3, 20157/7/2015Prac Talk: Peggy WatkinsPlayDownload
Session 3, 20157/6/2015Prac Talk: Peggy WatkinsPlayDownload
Session 2, 20157/3/2015Prac Talk: Christie Hanzlik--You need just 1 smooth stone! (video of David & a Goliath of a problem that can't even get to the battlefield on its own. Be "Oh, Yes!" ready!PlayDownload
Session 2, 20157/2/2015Prac Talk: Christie Hanzlik--What does it mean to be a healer--to practice the Science of the Christ? (Hymn 254, Christ My Refuge, led by wranglers)PlayDownload
Session 2, 20157/1/2015Prac Talk: Christie Hanzlik--What does true womanhood mean? (to Girls Camp) Claim your dominion. Stay calm above disturbances in Game of "Freeze! W.W.J.D.?" (Kelsey & Holly P)PlayDownload
Session 2, 20156/30/2015Prac Talk: Christie Hanzlik--What does true manhood mean? (to Boys Camp) Claim your dominion of gentleness mixed with vast power. Stay calm above disturbances in Game of "Freeze! W.W.J.D.?" (Larry T. & Dorian)PlayDownload
Session 2, 20156/29/2015Prac Talk: Christie Hanzlik--How can we all get along? Favorite unlikely friends stories (Dan & Nathan acting out)PlayDownload
Session 2, 20156/27/2015Prac Talk: Laura LaPointePlayDownload
Session 2, 20156/26/2015Prac Talk: Laura LaPointe Into Skit by Blue Heron CabinPlayDownload
Session 2, 20156/25/2015Prac Talk: Laura LaPointePlayDownload
Session 2, 20156/24/2015Prac Talk: Laura LaPointe Featuring Hallelujah You're Worthy by Daryl ColeyPlayDownload
Session 2, 20156/23/2015Prac Talk: Laura LaPointePlayDownload
Session 2, 20156/22/2015Practitioner Talk: Laura LaPointe Featuring "Is Your all on the Alter" by Yolanda AdamsPlayDownload
Session 1, 20156/20/2015Prac Talk: Christie Hanzlik--(missed opening) Christian Science is NOT self-help. It's only practical when shared with everyone. Take it home and keep practicing the Science of the Christ.PlayDownload
Session 1, 20156/19/2015Prac Talk: Christie Hanzlik--Yulia plays B-ball in the Court of Spirit and never give up to defeat the 5 senses with the help of the ref who calls Foul!!PlayDownload
Session 1, 20156/18/2015Prac Talk: Christie Hanzlik--Sheep (Bailey, Holly. Ryan.. ) & Shepherd act out 23rd Psalm. Shepherd puts on oil of gratitude every day, leaves 99 to find lost 1 (Sing Hymn 304)PlayDownload
Session 1, 20156/17/2015Prac Talk: Tara TalbotPlayDownload
Session 1, 20156/16/2015Prac Talk: Aubrey McMullin on ManhoodPlayDownload
Session 1, 20156/15/2015Prac Talk: Christie Hanzlik--Nathan acts out scenes of "missing the mark" (sin) when Dan distracts him. Voice God's truth that I cannot be made to miss the mark (as in the Daily Prayer).PlayDownload
Session 1, 20156/13/2015Prac Talk: Christie Hanzlik--Know God cares for all (Campers demo inward navel-gazing) All help to pray for a prisoner new to CSPlayDownload
Session 1, 20156/12/2015Prac Talk: Christie Hanzlik--Tender Mercies (from Unlikely Friendships stories) ending with Hymn 445PlayDownload
Session 1, 20156/11/2015Prac Talk: Christie Hanzlik--gives a model of a fresh way to pray to embrace the whole universe (before Big Surf Trip) End with Lord's Prayer "Our Father... "PlayDownload
Session 1, 20156/10/2015Prac Talk: Christie Hanzlik--Jesus simply loved & made it simple. (Dorian & Larry T. play "Freeze! WWJD?")PlayDownload


Understand the One Spiritual Creation and Be Blessed! - The importance of understanding that...
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