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Lesson Application Ideas by Lindsey Biggs, C.S., Bend, OR

  • Claim Your.Beginning-less-ness!
    Monday, September 2nd, 2019
    Each of us will, of course, find our own inspiration from this week’s Bible Lesson on “Man.” For me, it is helpful to focus on the ways in which this lesson answers the questions, “What am I, and where did I come from?” The Golden Text provides a succinct response to these questions: “The Spirit of God has...
  • Live out the Golden Mindset of Christ Now! Be Merciful, Just, Pure
    Monday, August 23rd, 2010
    This weeks lesson is a step-by-step guide, through Jesus example and parables, on how to live in the kingdom of heaven here and now. Jesus stated the kingdom of God is within you ... indicating that the kingdom is spiritual and internal, rather than physical and external (Luke 17:21 NIV Study Bible). We dont wait...


Wake Up from the Dream to Reality! - Are you a prophet? A spiritual seer? A prophet is someone...
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