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In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we invite you to watch three short videos from CedarS alumni who share gratitude for CedarS and explain why they signed up to be monthly donors. We hope you’ll consider joining them as a CedarS monthly donor, even if it’s a dollar or two per month. It all adds up to big blessings in the lives of children!
  • FreedomTalk 2013FreedomTalk 2013Saturday, July 20th, 2013Freedom Talk 2013 by Christie Hanzlik, CS
  • Freedom Talk 2011 with Michelle WiggintonFreedom Talk 2011 with Michelle WiggintonSunday, July 3rd, 2011Michelle Wigginton continues the CedarS tradition of the Freedom Talk during the celebration of Freedom Day. Michele and her team use the analogy of super heroes to explain how with God, you are...
  • Freedom Talk with Jared EggersFreedom Talk with Jared EggersWednesday, March 2nd, 2011This is the 2010 Freedom Talk with Jared Eggers on the US Independence day!. Jared talks about freedom from all kinds of things that might hold us back in our everyday lives and brings a good sense...
  • CedarS Freedom ConcertCedarS Freedom ConcertWednesday, February 23rd, 2011Desiree, Ed, and the whole musical group treated the entire camp to an inspiring concert of music with a Freedom theme.


Win without a fight as the unreality of evil is prayerfully exposed to defeat itself - Whether...
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